Portland: A Love Affair (SE Edition)


Let us toast to animal pleasures, to escapism, to rain on the roof & instant coffee, to unemployment insurance & library cards, to absinthe & good-hearted landlords, to music & warm bodies & contraceptives… & to the ‘good life’, whatever it is & where it happens to be.

— Hunter S. Thompson


Happy Friday Jr.! Because I’ve successfully procrastinated my way to this entry, this week’s post will be a twist on Things I Love Thursday. Getting this blog up and running has been more challenging than I expected; settling on a definitive narrative voice is difficult. I find myself tossing and turning over what you expect of me, not trusting my own process and the idea that this will eventually take the shape I want it to. But at the end of the day, this is about being honest and true to myself and my experiences and with that said,  personal happinessfulfillment and the human journey is comforting, important and familiar to me. Even moreso after I moved to beautiful Rose City.

[ Disclaimer: There is a likelihood that I’m going to catch some heat disclosing how amazing Portland is, especially because I am a Los Angeles native, and Portland is very protective over their city (as they should be, especially towards abrasive Los Angelenos). However, I didn’t move thousands of miles from home to do Portland. I moved here to do me. So far this city has done a remarkable job making this transplanted misfit feel welcome. ]

I live in a whimsical little pocket of Southeast Portland – the Sunnyside district. Jumping off my porch steps, I am enveloped by everyday magic waving at me from everywhere. Some of my favorites…

Trees and leaves exploding with color


and beautiful houses with history

Jolly Green Victorian

and inspiration that I don’t have to chase down with a stick


I’m inclined to believe that the architectures and landscapers here designed everything keeping the rain and gloom in mind (smart people)- the unique colors serve a remarkable purpose. I’ve never lived anywhere that could change my mood by simply stepping outside and soaking up the city’s charisma.

Avalon Nickel Arcade

I believe that the gorgeous surroundings in the city contribute immensely to my overall happiness, which allows my heart to feel open to more happiness; effortless manifestation. Perhaps manifestation is equal parts intention and perspective – either way, this cycle of happiness is infectious, magical and real. I spend more time feeling fulfilled, every day, as opposed to feeling like I’m in love with the wrong city, a feeling I spent many years falsely accepting. I feel lucky to be tucked away in this corner of the Universe right now. The signs are everywhere.

Now is all you have.


It’s been almost a year and I still feel giddy about Portland. My love affair away from my love affair. This is the good life, and it is right here.

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2 thoughts on “Portland: A Love Affair (SE Edition)

  1. Miss Angela P says:

    “I find myself tossing and turning over what you expect of me, not trusting my own process and the idea that this will eventually take the shape I want it to.”

    …i totally appreciate the honesty of this sentence and acknowledging the self-doubt. it’s hard to throw your heart and soul out for the world to see, and even harder to admit that you’re not 100% confident in doing so!

    when you get in the weeds, just remember we already know what WE learn and see and think and feel every day. sooo boooring. what’s compelling is what makes up your world… probably even those things you find the most mundande and ordinary in your life. because it’s yours. and that’s worth sharing, even if if you think it’s not profound or inspiring or even particularly interesting. but guess what, if it’s honest, it might be all those things and more. 🙂

    and i love love love portland, and your photos. they get a thumbs up from me.

    carry on, sister!

  2. Annie Mouse says:

    ❤ you, sugar lump. Miss you more.

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