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A Filofax, A Baby Bobcat & A Miracle

O hai! Here is a weekend re-cap, because I need something to do with my twitchy limbs whilst waiting in anticipation for the season premiere of True Blood!

* * * 

+ Friday +

Friday evening was spent compulsively organizing my new Filofax on the couch. Nerd alert! This is particularly exciting because of how long I pondered making this purchase before taking the plunge (over a year). Every time I tried to order it, either they (Filofax and other misc. stationery shops) were out of stock, I changed my mind, or my preferred color choice (Raspberry) was out of stock (again) when I changed my mind (again). Finally, I chose the Filofax Finsbury Personal in Yellow in an attempt to spice up the variety of my Pepto Bismol-shaded existence. The delivery of this new organizational system tickles the cockles of my OCD-tattered heart, mostly because I refuse to put my trust (and appointments, addresses, birthdays, brainstorms and misc. livelihood) into the i-Verse. Pen plus paper, always.

O happy day!


Virgin inserts! Bless.


The guts of my old wallet, notebooks and annual calendar.


The “dashboard” (unfinished), front zipper pocket (lotsa flare!), personalized tabs & month-to-month calendar (2 pages for each day, 1 business & 1 personal – good idea husband!):


Having everything, systematized, in one place has made a significant difference the last 2 days — so much easier than attempting to keep track of to-do’s and whatnots, which were previously contained in multiple locations. If you are also a little Miss Scatterbrain, I recommend making the investment and treating yourself to the gift of harmonic standardization!

+ Saturday +

The husband and I made our annual (this was our 2nd time, so now we can call it “annual!”) pilgrimage to the Portland Rose Festival. We saw a few roses, but mostly we saw lots of strollers and carnival folk. We also saw (and by “saw” I mean snuggled) a BABY BOBCAT!

8-week old Lily + me = ECSTATIC! (Husband: Thank you for making my dreams come true, one real and/or stuffed carnival animal at a time.)*


(*Editor’s Note: I must admit that I had a bit of buyers remorse/guilt after we paid our $10 to handle that caged baby circus animal, and I still kind of do. But one thing is for sure: that little Lily brought a LOT of joy to festival-goers over the weekend. For being an 8-week old, it’d be safe to say Lily’s got a plentiful amount of karma in the bank).

We also spent far too many tickets on the “knock all 3 metal milk bottles off the table” game, which resulted in some aggravation on my behalf; not because we walked away without a Sanrio stuffed animal (because this house desperately needs another one…not) — but because the games are rigged, the carnival-workers know it, and they take your money anyways. The whole thing makes me feel gross. (Except for the funnel cakes. Those are always a good time.)


I settled my frustration associated with knowing most of those stupid games are designed for failure and focused my attention on surrounding happy things instead.


 + Sunday + 

*Enjoyed our weekly (this was our 2nd time, so now we can call it “weekly!”) brunch at The Hazel Room

*Treated m’paws to a manicure

*Brewed the remaining Kona coffee from my Hawaii trip and made ice cubes with it, which will be dropped into a glass of almond milk for breakfast (thanks, Pinterest)!

+ This week + 

I will manifest a miracle.


* * * 

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Things I <3 Thursday

15 minutes left before Thursday turns to Friday! Tick tock! Here are a few things too good not to share this week:

* * *

*Husband bringing me a cupcake for lunch

*Funneling things and not spilling a drop

*Steadily focusing on what I want in the near future and how I’m going to get it

*My Kigurumi dinosaur onesie from JapanLA. It’s the most comfortable thing I own! One day I will have the guts to wear it in public on a day that is not Halloween

*The Hazel Room on SE Hawthorne: An old victorian with homemade delicacies, tea infusions, cocktails and delicious eats. I could sit there with a book for hours. Check out the website (even though those photos don’t depict its magic) and/or GO HERE if you live in Portland. Such a wonderful local business.

*Speaking of books: Perusing the bookstore after a lovely meal, picking out some choice summer reading and jumping right in

ImageBAM! Done! Happy Friday! (In 1 minute)

* * *