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Gratitude & Goodwill


In this moment, I feel sadness, despair and frustration. I’ve been stuck in a mental vortex of mistakes, things I should or shouldn’t have said and choices I should or shouldn’t have made that resulted in consequences that have negatively affected loved (and, at times, not-so-loved) ones.

The outward appearance of life is charmed; I have the fortune of doing business in Hawaii this week, expressing my passion with others during the day and falling asleep to the rustle of swaying palm trees in the evening. I have a damn wonderful, compassionate & supportive husband, 3 happy cats and a warm home waiting for me. I do not feel deserving of any of this.

I have hurt & disappointed others, and my heart weighs down through my feet for that. The hopelessness is overwhelming, but I hope believe that the little control I do have in this moment:

A. Forgiveness of the past

B. Conscious gratitude


C. The intention of goodwill, for everything

…In every moment, will come back to me down the road in whatever form and repair these haunting trails of damage.

I believe it.

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Make It Yo’self Monday: 1 Pot Taco Soup

If you find yourself short on time — or any culinary skills whatsoever (like yours truly) — then this recipe is for you, my friend. It’s my ol’ standby it because it takes less than 30 minutes, only 1 pot is needed, it makes a ton of leftovers, it’s great for cold & rainy nights, AND there are just 11 ingredients required (11 is the magic number; for this reason and the others, Taco Soup goes to 11). It’s not vegan or vegetarian but if that’s what you prefer it can be altered GO CHECK OUT ANOTHER COOKING WEBSITE. Here ya go little fella:


+1 lb. Ground Beef

+1 Yellow Onion, chopped

+(2) 14.5 oz. cans Diced Tomates with Green Chiles

+(2) 15 oz. cans Pinto Beans (drained)

+(1) 15 oz. can Black Beans (drained)

+(1) 15 oz. can Cream-Style Corn

+(1) packet Ranch Style Dressing Mix

+(1) packet Taco Seasoning


Meat & Seasonings

All ingredients ready!



Chop the onion and toss it in the pot with the beef, let the two brown together.

*Tip: To avoid eye-watering action while chopping onion, hold a matchstick in-between your teeth. I know this because I just watched The Help, starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis.



Drain the excess grease & add remaining ingredients to the pot. Simmer on medium-low & stir occasionally for 20 minutes.




(If it seems a little thick, add a splash of water while simmering.)



And, um, that’s it!



Serve it up with some or all of the following fixins:



+Crushed tortilla chips

+Sour Cream

+Shredded Cheddar Cheese



+Tortilla chips for the dippin’

+Garlic bread



Bon appetit!

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My first Valentine’s Day as a married maven has winded down, but I didn’t want it to completely pass without giving some love to the things that made it spectacular. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day 2k12 had to be deciding to stay in at the last minute (dang bronchitis), but having a damn awesome night anyhow. The Mr. and myself ended up picking up fondue fixins and cereal (Apple Jaaaaaaaacks!) at the market, and stuffing ourselves while watching WAYNE’S WORLD on the couch. So simple but I will remember our 1st V-Day fondly forevah.

Other awesome things n stuff:

Arts & crafts time = the best time.

Happy accident!

Pajamagram! Comfy PJs <3333

VD card written entirely in puns...the Mr. = hilarious + creative

Rocking red lipstick...during the day!


+February 16 = Halfway Unbirthday to 30 (GASP)

+Betsey Johnson cupcakes for NY Fashion Week: Tye-dye cake, Pop Rocks frosting & rainbow glitter. Please eat these at my funeral…and bury me with a dozen!!! (PS: Thanks for sending me the sweet heads-up via email, Mom!)



Goodbye, Whitney.

Aw, man.

It’s always devastating when an untimely death makes headlines, or any death for that matter. I’m not going to sit here and say I was a superfan of Whitney Houston’s; I have one or two of her songs on my iPod, and aside from making damn sure that I Wanna Dance With Somebody was played on my wedding playlist, I didn’t hear much of Whitney in recent years unless it was at a karaoke bar or perusing the aisles of a Rite-Aid at some ungodly hour.

When the first note of that song hits my ears, I am visually teleported back to 1980-something, traipsing through my Mom’s house singing the words into a hairbrush or my Barbie’s head as it played on our record player. Beautiful, vivid flashes of my childhood, nearly 25 years ago. Those days, Mom was still single Mom — the post-divorce years, where my after school whereabouts consisted of going to either the library or Grandma’s house for Bagel Dogs until Mom was done with work. This was before my adult teeth finally appeared. Before my obsession with spandex bicycle shorts and The Little Mermaid ceased to exist. Before New Kids on the Block. Before 9/11.

When an icon like this passes, it feels like slivers of cherished memories — old, personal memories which are attached to music and songs –they die too. And afterwards the world feels a little less comfortable. To me, at least.

Rest in peace, Ms. Houston. May your spirit continue to ebb and flow with the likes of Etta James & Michael Jackson while the rest of the world continues to embrace your musical gifts forever.

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Boredom At Its Finest.


+Everyone in the house is asleep but me!

+Reading US Weekly (judge me)

+Attempting to choose a Valentine’s Day lip color (pink or red pink or red pink or RED?!?)

+Watching this over and over again:


+Set up a new office space! (No more working from home in PJs every day……………….Yay?)

+Scored this for a DOLLAR Target

+Crocheted heart garland & hung it in the living room


+Add to the love in the world

+Furiously clean the house, then treat myself to a manicure

+The Waking Dead midseason premiere (snuggles & zombies!)

+Finish Crazy Enough by Storm Large

+Kitty/baby playdate (!!!!)


+These will be mine

….And these too.


Insomnia is fun

I don’t know if it’s because I’m delirious, or if this really is the funniest thing I’ve heard all year:

“Smiling on the outside, The Price is Right losing horn on the inside.” –Kelly Oxford

Either way…

I can’t.




the end

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Woot, it’s Wednesday! And the first day of February. Why not celebrate by taking a time or two to jot down some rad things that I’ve been obsessing over this week?

Don’t mind if I do.

+ Deciding to walk home from my doctor’s appointment on Friday, I took a stroll through my favorite neighborhood(s) in Southeast Portland (Buckman, Belmont & Sunnyside). Naturally, a photo safari ensued. The architecture & magic in this city still makes my heart do jumping jacks. I’m so glad I found Portland.

1st stop: Lone Fir Cemetery. I've been wanting to walk through this place for over a year. It's the most beautiful cemetery I've ever seen.

"How many hopes lie buried here" ... Sad but true.

Visited my favorite mural on Belmont, which always makes me smile.

Crossed the street & found something else that made me smile!

Walked another block & found love! (It's everywhere, keep your eyes open.)

Stumbled into Moonshadow Magick & scooped up some bitchin' witchy libations. (Peppermint loose leaf tea = so fragrant and delicious!)

Snapped a photo of more misc. trippy treasures before continuing on...

...Then I found a new soda pop shoppe (Fizz on 34th) with even better treasures! Brought the Gobstopper painting & the Kitty Piddle drink home with me, you know it.

Before I got home, I found some spectacular kitty graffiti on the bus stop that reminded me...

...All roads lead to kitties (and crochet) in my lap, on the couch, in my favorite place ever (home).


+ Which brings me to: Being married. To that guy, right down there (the smiley man, not the cat — although I love her too). Don’t barf. Love is lovely. This is why:

Non-stop silliness: HELLO, it's a Chicken sandwich! *No cats were harmed during this breading*

Surprise treats: Just because.


Also lovely:

February Photo A Day

Bring it on, February!

Day 1:

"Your view today" : I went literal -- my workspace. It makes me extremely happy.


Looking forward to:

+ Valentine’s Day! (Actually, I’m just excited to attempt red lipstick during the daytime.)

+ Trying more (extremely easy) crochet patterns: Heart garland & some heart bookmarks.



Actually, RIGHT now is the time to waste away on the couch while we marathon the last 4 episodes of Homeland with blankets & a bowl of ramen.

Life rules, huzzah!