Ordinary People: Who needs sunshine?


After spending some time in LA last week, it feels damn good to be back home. “Home” = Where I feel comfortable. Right now, that is Portland, OR. Ah, Portland. Where appropriate outfit accessories are things like magenta tights and white fuzzy bunny earmuffs –in the same outfit, I might add. Not shaky chihuahuas wearing Prada sweaters and Swarovski collars. True story. See also: Gross.

In sum: Creative expression rules! (Chihuahuas excluded.)


There was a guy cruising his lil’ zoobomb bike down the street earlier tonight, wearing a furry bear hat. (Hello, I love you?) Maybe we could have started a Faux Fur Animal Hats fan club? He smiled & waved to me as we passed. I think there was an exchange of F.F.A.H. respect as I was wearing my ol’ standby furry hot pink heart-shaped earmuffs. Totally made my night.

In sum: The world needs more positive strangers engaging strangers!


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