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Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.

Sounds about right.




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Weirder Things Have Happened…

Weirder Things Have Happened...

I suppose the bus is as good a place as any to indulge in a tub of ice cream and an US Weekly.

Bubcket List: LIL BUB in Portland!

In recent crazy cat lady news (See also: I can’t believe I’m married), I was up bright and early to meet LIL BUB during her Portland visit at the LexiDog Boutique & Social Club last week!

If you don’t know who LIL BUB is, clearly you are wasting your time in the wrong places on the internet let me tell you. LIL BUB, a celebrity cat/internet princess dubbed (bubbed) “one of nature’s happy accidents,” was born with genetic mutations including disproportionate limbs, a toothless mouth, extra toes and a shortened jaw. In any other species, this particular combination of mutations would likely result in the nightmares of small children, but in BUB’s case, it’s the complete opposite! BUB’s scrumptious perma-kitten features and sweet personality have landed her as Number 2 on the list of Most Important Cats of 2012, over 100k Facebook “Likes” and, most importantly, provided the warm fuzzies for children, hipsters and crazy cat ladies all across the US of A! BUB’s various memes are geared at inspiring positivity and perseverance in the face of adversity. What’s not to love?

This is my photo diary of the Portland LIL BUB meet and greet.

Most Sundays, we are not out of bed before lunchtime. Here we are, up early catching the our party bus to BUB. To quote my mother-in-law, “Now I know what gets you guys up early!”


We arrived!


…With half of Portland. Even though we got there when the event started at 10:30am, an employee came outside and told us she didn’t know if everyone would be able to meet BUB because the line had accumulated so quickly. :-/


I snuck out of line to go say a quick prayer to baby Jesus asking him to keep BUB happy and comfortable until we were able to meet her. While I was out of line, I ran into Lil Bub’s human, Mike. He was too polite to refuse a photo, but he wanted to. (If you’re reading, Mike, I was too polite to go full fangirl, but I wanted to. Also, asking for a photo is not going full fangirl.) “I don’t usually like to do this kind of thing, because it’s all about my cat, you know?” -Mike “The Dude” Bridavsky


This next photo is a lie, but that’s okay. The line actually started about an hour and a half before this point! This sign was located at the front of the room where LIL BUB was. We made it!


When we entered the little room, LIL BUB was sitting on a lime green crocheted blanket, as tender as can be. She was so, so sweet and docile; genuinely just happy to be in Portland. That, or under the influence of animal sedatives according to my husband which I refuse to believe. That’s how she is, and it’s part of what makes her so special.


Before we went, husband requested his own picture with LIL BUB, which is part of what makes him so special. We made sure that happened!


I got one too!


Finally, a photo of both of us with BUB, for good measure.


I’m not going to lie; at first there was a little internal debate over whether standing in line to meet a cat was a high point or a low point in my life, but I quickly realized that was the dumbest question ever because LIL BUB is more than a cat…she is a WAY OF LIFE. Thank you, sweet BUB, for spreading joy in Portland!

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A New Paradigm

Whenever you start guiding yourself by caring about how you feel, you start guiding yourself back into your Stream of Source Energy, and that’s where your clarity is; that’s where your joy is; that’s where your flexibility is; that’s where your balance is; that’s where your good ideas come from. That’s where all the good stuff is accessed from.

-Abraham Hicks

When I’m not home, I am likely daydreaming about what I’d be doing if I was home: Crocheting, making a dent in the pile of books next to the bed, leafing through the Portland Mercury with a cat in my lap, or creating jewelry pieces for the DIY jewelry business I’ve been wanting to launch.  What I actually do when I am home includes: Procrastination sharpening exercises, straightening the pile of books next to the bed without actually opening one, and Pinterest.

Since being sick in bed leaves little room to procrastinate with anything involving the internet, I turned one of my daydreams into reality and launched my jewelry business, Paradigm Pdx via Facebook!

This is particularly exciting because I had been going back and forth over the brand name (timeless but not trite!), logo (still don’t have one) and tiny details (business cards, packaging, waaahhhh!), which got me nowhere. The very least I could do for myself was choose to stop being a prisoner to excuses and fear and take control of the situation with whatever resources I had. While I feel like I crossed one huge thing off of the list and added 50 more as a result of launching this project, it was a much-needed beam of empowerment to my spirit, which has dimmed after searching for a job in a desolate abyss for what seems like forever.

While I pray that 1 job with everything I want in one little package exists somewhere, another part of me is excited at the thought of being a jewelry designer, blogger and freelance marketer. I don’t know how to get from point A to point B, or if it is truly possible to be all of those things at once. But I do know that the desire to feel creative and impassioned with my work is overwhelming. And that is a paradigm worth pursuing.

Ordinary People: Who needs sunshine?


After spending some time in LA last week, it feels damn good to be back home. “Home” = Where I feel comfortable. Right now, that is Portland, OR. Ah, Portland. Where appropriate outfit accessories are things like magenta tights and white fuzzy bunny earmuffs –in the same outfit, I might add. Not shaky chihuahuas wearing Prada sweaters and Swarovski collars. True story. See also: Gross.

In sum: Creative expression rules! (Chihuahuas excluded.)


There was a guy cruising his lil’ zoobomb bike down the street earlier tonight, wearing a furry bear hat. (Hello, I love you?) Maybe we could have started a Faux Fur Animal Hats fan club? He smiled & waved to me as we passed. I think there was an exchange of F.F.A.H. respect as I was wearing my ol’ standby furry hot pink heart-shaped earmuffs. Totally made my night.

In sum: The world needs more positive strangers engaging strangers!


Ordinary People: Love in an Airport

Earlier this evening, my flight back to Portland from Burbank was delayed because of an emergency landing. The plane finally arrived at BUR, and this super rad group of guys who had been waiting at the gate for two hours lined up when the plane began to de-board and proceeded to provide the emergency landing passengers with an overhead tunnel of spirit fingers and hollers.

Spirit Finger Tunnel Of Love

Every. Single. Passenger.


Everyday People: Sonia

Last week at work, a lady at one of the tables I was serving ordered a black cup of coffee. She introduced herself, said her name was Sonia. I noticed her prior to that when she walked into the restaurant. She was wearing an old fashioned cape-coat with a sparkly brooch affixed to the front of it — a woman of my own style. She appreciated my style as well, as she complimented my makeup and ruffle skirt. I walked away from the table delighted, because I love serving nice people. It turns a burger slingin’ day job into more than, well, a damn burger slingin’ day job. Anyways, when I arrived back at her table with the coffee after semi-rushing through the routine (saucer, napkin, spoon, cup, pour, serve), Sonia became overjoyed (bright eyes. grabby hands. child like.) at the sight of it:

“A cup and a saucer! A cup and a saucer!”

At first I almost brushed off what she was saying; it was busy and I was trying to attend to several other tables. But my better judgement told me to stop and smell the roses (coffee). She continued,

“I’m tired of these other places, all mug and no saucer! 

A good cup of coffee should be nurtured, not gulped…

A saucer …these things should be celebrated.”

Hell yeah, Sonia. Hell yeah. I am so with you right now.

In that moment, I don’t think I’d ever heard something so remarkable.

I get stressed out (a.lot.) because I know that what I’m doing in life right now — serving burgers at a local Portland restaurant– can’t be my definitive “purpose” on this planet, right? (That really wasn’t a question.) Sonia gave my personal meaning of “purpose” a fresh perspective…(Disclaimer: This may not be news to you, but it’s news to me, so let me have this moment.)

Purpose isn’t black and white. Purpose is universal. We are already contributing our “purpose” — in each moment. It’s who we IS. In that moment, Sonia’s purpose was speaking everyday wisdom. She may or may not have cared about the right person listening to or nurturing what she was saying. My purpose was/is being open to what that moment was/is offering. Slow down and listen to the words. Can this moment/experience nurture me right now, or in the future? It most certainly did. It renewed my faith in meaningful interactions with other people — everyday people.  This day job is just a day job slinging burgers only if I let it be. Genuine dialogue and experiences exist between perfect strangers all damn day. I want more.

Henceforth I shall be known (unto myself) as…..a servant of each moment.

Moments’ mistress? Mistress of the moment. (You cringed hard, din’cha?)

One or the other. And so it is.

I hope to see Sonia again, so I can thank her. And buy her a cup of coffee (with a saucer).

ImageCocoa & marshmallows: Celebrating the small things, for Sonia.

(The saucer was on the counter.)

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Think Treat

“If you knew for absolute certain that every little thing you did today would later be scrutinized, literally moment by moment, by a future you, and future friends, as well as anyone else interested, and you’d all be looking for a number of qualities, especially patience, kindness, and love, during this game of games and test of tests called life, how might you treat the very next person you see after reading this? 


The Universe”





Going Steady



What my purpose is, where I need to go and how I’m going to get there….I’m not sure.

But today, I believe in music

And mantras


“Do not worry about how you will make it all work. Just focus on how you feel and go towards those things that bring forth joy. When you are living in your joy, the Universe is living joyfully through you. When you are living a life of fear, the Universe is dying and becoming smaller. Remember you are a child of the Universe and everything the Universe provides is abundant. The sun shines rays of joy, the bird sings a song of joy, the tree joyfully grows to provide shade and keep the air clean. Everything has a purpose and when we are living in our joyful purpose we will be supported because the Universe loves joy. It takes a little bit of time to go from fear to joy, but if you stay steady and keep the course you will at last come to see that your joy can be your reality. Trust in promise of joy, it is your birthright.” -Jackson Kiddard

And memories



And that is enough to stay steady.