Yep, It’s (Things I Love) Thursday. And I’m a Slacker.


It’s Things I love Thursday, otherwise known as…the only day I ever post! Nothing to say about that other that I’ve been slacking on my hustle…aaaaand celebrating the last 24 hours, because in a year from today I will be a married woman (that alone gives me countless reasons for gratitude every day)!

Here’s a short and sweet little summation of the things that made me smile this week, for what it’s worth:

* New glasses (I can see again!) * One of my most favorite people (we used to be neighbors and super close friends) moved back home to Portland last night * Searching for new ways to beat the Northwest gloom * Juicy Journaling with Sark * Enlightening conversations with transients * “Happy 11:11, 11/11!” * Morning snuggles * Stealing one-of-a-kind street art in the middle of the night (shh) * Flexing that communication muscle, breaking down some walls * Sushi date YUM * 2 shows this week = mucho dancing *  Heart-shaped fuzzy pink earmuffs * Good friend, Mike, sitting in for me with my family at brothers football game back home * Countdown to Hawaii Thanksgiving is on like Donkey Kong * Girl’s trip to the Sanrio store * New box of tea: Candy Cane Lane (SO GOOD) * “Cheers to manifesting and positivity!” * Asking future hubby a zillion questions when we watch basketball because it intrigues me  * To-Go mugs filled with hot cocoa *  You. *


o happy day,

casey cupcakes


3 thoughts on “Yep, It’s (Things I Love) Thursday. And I’m a Slacker.

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