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Ordinary People: Who needs sunshine?


After spending some time in LA last week, it feels damn good to be back home. “Home” = Where I feel comfortable. Right now, that is Portland, OR. Ah, Portland. Where appropriate outfit accessories are things like magenta tights and white fuzzy bunny earmuffs –in the same outfit, I might add. Not shaky chihuahuas wearing Prada sweaters and Swarovski collars. True story. See also: Gross.

In sum: Creative expression rules! (Chihuahuas excluded.)


There was a guy cruising his lil’ zoobomb bike down the street earlier tonight, wearing a furry bear hat. (Hello, I love you?) Maybe we could have started a Faux Fur Animal Hats fan club? He smiled & waved to me as we passed. I think there was an exchange of F.F.A.H. respect as I was wearing my ol’ standby furry hot pink heart-shaped earmuffs. Totally made my night.

In sum: The world needs more positive strangers engaging strangers!


Ordinary People: Love in an Airport

Earlier this evening, my flight back to Portland from Burbank was delayed because of an emergency landing. The plane finally arrived at BUR, and this super rad group of guys who had been waiting at the gate for two hours lined up when the plane began to de-board and proceeded to provide the emergency landing passengers with an overhead tunnel of spirit fingers and hollers.

Spirit Finger Tunnel Of Love

Every. Single. Passenger.