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Everyday People: Sonia

Last week at work, a lady at one of the tables I was serving ordered a black cup of coffee. She introduced herself, said her name was Sonia. I noticed her prior to that when she walked into the restaurant. She was wearing an old fashioned cape-coat with a sparkly brooch affixed to the front of it — a woman of my own style. She appreciated my style as well, as she complimented my makeup and ruffle skirt. I walked away from the table delighted, because I love serving nice people. It turns a burger slingin’ day job into more than, well, a damn burger slingin’ day job. Anyways, when I arrived back at her table with the coffee after semi-rushing through the routine (saucer, napkin, spoon, cup, pour, serve), Sonia became overjoyed (bright eyes. grabby hands. child like.) at the sight of it:

“A cup and a saucer! A cup and a saucer!”

At first I almost brushed off what she was saying; it was busy and I was trying to attend to several other tables. But my better judgement told me to stop and smell the roses (coffee). She continued,

“I’m tired of these other places, all mug and no saucer! 

A good cup of coffee should be nurtured, not gulped…

A saucer …these things should be celebrated.”

Hell yeah, Sonia. Hell yeah. I am so with you right now.

In that moment, I don’t think I’d ever heard something so remarkable.

I get stressed out (a.lot.) because I know that what I’m doing in life right now — serving burgers at a local Portland restaurant– can’t be my definitive “purpose” on this planet, right? (That really wasn’t a question.) Sonia gave my personal meaning of “purpose” a fresh perspective…(Disclaimer: This may not be news to you, but it’s news to me, so let me have this moment.)

Purpose isn’t black and white. Purpose is universal. We are already contributing our “purpose” — in each moment. It’s who we IS. In that moment, Sonia’s purpose was speaking everyday wisdom. She may or may not have cared about the right person listening to or nurturing what she was saying. My purpose was/is being open to what that moment was/is offering. Slow down and listen to the words. Can this moment/experience nurture me right now, or in the future? It most certainly did. It renewed my faith in meaningful interactions with other people — everyday people.  This day job is just a day job slinging burgers only if I let it be. Genuine dialogue and experiences exist between perfect strangers all damn day. I want more.

Henceforth I shall be known (unto myself) as…..a servant of each moment.

Moments’ mistress? Mistress of the moment. (You cringed hard, din’cha?)

One or the other. And so it is.

I hope to see Sonia again, so I can thank her. And buy her a cup of coffee (with a saucer).

ImageCocoa & marshmallows: Celebrating the small things, for Sonia.

(The saucer was on the counter.)

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Gratitude & Goodwill


In this moment, I feel sadness, despair and frustration. I’ve been stuck in a mental vortex of mistakes, things I should or shouldn’t have said and choices I should or shouldn’t have made that resulted in consequences that have negatively affected loved (and, at times, not-so-loved) ones.

The outward appearance of life is charmed; I have the fortune of doing business in Hawaii this week, expressing my passion with others during the day and falling asleep to the rustle of swaying palm trees in the evening. I have a damn wonderful, compassionate & supportive husband, 3 happy cats and a warm home waiting for me. I do not feel deserving of any of this.

I have hurt & disappointed others, and my heart weighs down through my feet for that. The hopelessness is overwhelming, but I hope believe that the little control I do have in this moment:

A. Forgiveness of the past

B. Conscious gratitude


C. The intention of goodwill, for everything

…In every moment, will come back to me down the road in whatever form and repair these haunting trails of damage.

I believe it.

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‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving…


We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.
-Thornton Wilder


After stuffing just about my entire closet into two suitcases, plus crayons, movies, crochet materials, way too many self-help books to divulge in a week and about 40lbs. of shoes I most likely won’t wear, I am finally packed for my first vacation in I don’t even know how long.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have SO much to be thankful for … so much that I don’t know where to start. On the eve of our 10 day vacation in Maui, HI- which is sure to be a brilliant getaway from dismal November and a celebration of the first big holiday with my future husband- I kind of can’t wait to get back home. That is not to say I won’t embrace every second of sunshine and beach and beautiful moments with our dear friends while we are in Hawaii.  However, the moments in time spent doing absolutely nothing in our cozy little apartment in the sky back home in Portland are my most beloved. Cuddles, cats and crafts. Wash, rinse, repeat. Simple as it is, my life most definitely does not suck. And that is what I am most thankful for.

Giving thanks today and every day.

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Things I Love Thursday

Several bloggers I follow contribute to a little ring of weekly happiness called Things I Love Thursday. TiLT is a smorgasboard of what made you smile throughout the week; expressing gratitude for the little things you love in a big way! Here are some of mine. Happy Friday Jr.!


Enjoying the last few days of October.

Mmmm....caramel apples!

My favorite month is coming to a close, how did it come and go so quickly? I suppose I was too busy walking the streets of Portland, admiring pumpkins on porches and luminous leaves falling to the floor to realize how fast the days were flying by. As an attempt to clutch what’s left of October, I picked up caramel apple fixins at the market that will (hopefully) make their way into November.


  Piping hot tea.

Hot tea on a rainy day - perfecto!

It’s an addiction, really. I made the switch from coffee, not because of a conscious effort to nix caffeine, but because it gives me the shakes, which gives me the chills, which makes Portland feel COLDER than it already is, and we just can’t have that! Plus, “decaf coffee” is an oxymoron. Decaf tea, with all of its many colorful flavors, is delicious and soothing.


 My partner.

Awesome in a box.

My best friend. My lover. My teacher. How *amazing* is the dude who loves me so much and knows me so well that he brings me back a HELLO KITTY CUPCAKE MAKER from Germany?!? Every day I feel a little bit more blessed to have my perfect package — him! And such a good sport- he laughed when the cashier in Germany asked him how old his daughter was. (!)




 Living in the melting pot of LA, I ran with a few different circles of friends. Much of my happiness was attributed to plucking favorites from each group and getting them all in a room together – something I haven’t had the luxury of doing in a new city…until now. Last week I looked around as 3 of my amazing ladies, an old high school friend and a practical stranger laughed and clanked cocktail glasses together until the lights came on in the bar.


* * *

Honorable mentions include…

*Halloween card from my Mom (real mail!) decked out with adorable stickers

*This pretty mind-blowing poetry read (“…This is about the self-mutilating circus we have painted ourselves clowns in, about about women who will prowl 30 stores and 6 malls to find the right cocktail dress, but who haven’t a clue where to find fulfillment or how to wear joy…”):

*One of my favorite people is moving back to Portland!

*My kitteh Chicken, who always stretches her paw out over my wrist as if she wants to hold my hand (Maybe it’s in my head; either way, she’s adorable!)

*This Halloween playlist: I Was A Teenage Werewolf

*Having something to be grateful for, every minute of every day.


When was the last time you got the warm fuzzies over something, and what was it?


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