Things I <3 Thursday

15 minutes left before Thursday turns to Friday! Tick tock! Here are a few things too good not to share this week:

* * *

*Husband bringing me a cupcake for lunch

*Funneling things and not spilling a drop

*Steadily focusing on what I want in the near future and how I’m going to get it

*My Kigurumi dinosaur onesie from JapanLA. It’s the most comfortable thing I own! One day I will have the guts to wear it in public on a day that is not Halloween

*The Hazel Room on SE Hawthorne: An old victorian with homemade delicacies, tea infusions, cocktails and delicious eats. I could sit there with a book for hours. Check out the website (even though those photos don’t depict its magic) and/or GO HERE if you live in Portland. Such a wonderful local business.

*Speaking of books: Perusing the bookstore after a lovely meal, picking out some choice summer reading and jumping right in

ImageBAM! Done! Happy Friday! (In 1 minute)

* * *



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