My first Valentine’s Day as a married maven has winded down, but I didn’t want it to completely pass without giving some love to the things that made it spectacular. My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day 2k12 had to be deciding to stay in at the last minute (dang bronchitis), but having a damn awesome night anyhow. The Mr. and myself ended up picking up fondue fixins and cereal (Apple Jaaaaaaaacks!) at the market, and stuffing ourselves while watching WAYNE’S WORLD on the couch. So simple but I will remember our 1st V-Day fondly forevah.

Other awesome things n stuff:

Arts & crafts time = the best time.

Happy accident!

Pajamagram! Comfy PJs <3333

VD card written entirely in puns...the Mr. = hilarious + creative

Rocking red lipstick...during the day!


+February 16 = Halfway Unbirthday to 30 (GASP)

+Betsey Johnson cupcakes for NY Fashion Week: Tye-dye cake, Pop Rocks frosting & rainbow glitter. Please eat these at my funeral…and bury me with a dozen!!! (PS: Thanks for sending me the sweet heads-up via email, Mom!)




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