Woot, it’s Wednesday! And the first day of February. Why not celebrate by taking a time or two to jot down some rad things that I’ve been obsessing over this week?

Don’t mind if I do.

+ Deciding to walk home from my doctor’s appointment on Friday, I took a stroll through my favorite neighborhood(s) in Southeast Portland (Buckman, Belmont & Sunnyside). Naturally, a photo safari ensued. The architecture & magic in this city still makes my heart do jumping jacks. I’m so glad I found Portland.

1st stop: Lone Fir Cemetery. I've been wanting to walk through this place for over a year. It's the most beautiful cemetery I've ever seen.

"How many hopes lie buried here" ... Sad but true.

Visited my favorite mural on Belmont, which always makes me smile.

Crossed the street & found something else that made me smile!

Walked another block & found love! (It's everywhere, keep your eyes open.)

Stumbled into Moonshadow Magick & scooped up some bitchin' witchy libations. (Peppermint loose leaf tea = so fragrant and delicious!)

Snapped a photo of more misc. trippy treasures before continuing on...

...Then I found a new soda pop shoppe (Fizz on 34th) with even better treasures! Brought the Gobstopper painting & the Kitty Piddle drink home with me, you know it.

Before I got home, I found some spectacular kitty graffiti on the bus stop that reminded me...

...All roads lead to kitties (and crochet) in my lap, on the couch, in my favorite place ever (home).


+ Which brings me to: Being married. To that guy, right down there (the smiley man, not the cat — although I love her too). Don’t barf. Love is lovely. This is why:

Non-stop silliness: HELLO, it's a Chicken sandwich! *No cats were harmed during this breading*

Surprise treats: Just because.


Also lovely:

February Photo A Day

Bring it on, February!

Day 1:

"Your view today" : I went literal -- my workspace. It makes me extremely happy.


Looking forward to:

+ Valentine’s Day! (Actually, I’m just excited to attempt red lipstick during the daytime.)

+ Trying more (extremely easy) crochet patterns: Heart garland & some heart bookmarks.



Actually, RIGHT now is the time to waste away on the couch while we marathon the last 4 episodes of Homeland with blankets & a bowl of ramen.

Life rules, huzzah!


2 thoughts on “Wedruary!

  1. I can see a hopeless romantic in you Casey…lovely.

  2. Jennifer Phelps says:

    So happy to see this and that you are writing again. Always love your photos. Glad you are letting your creativity shine.

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