Spring Forward!




That’s the faint sound of this poor little blog’s lifeline. Don’t worry poor little blog, I might disappear from time to time (apologies), but I’ll never abandon you.

I’ve been back at square 1 for the last few months, going in circles, not wanting to write because [insert half-assed excuse here].

Note to self: There is way too much damn happiness in your life. You should be ashamed of not wanting to share it because [insert unnecessary and trivial insecurities here].

From now on:

“The only thing that matters is if it’s funky to you.”



With that said…

*Things I Love Thursday*

the smell of my mom’s house on st. patrick’s day/picking at the corned beef in the crock pot all day/answering the door to different friends and family who’d pop in for a plate throughout the evening * walking through portland, at nighttime, in the rain * new crochet hooks and buttery soft, sparkly yarn * rolling out of bed and being at work * decorating the office with new (pink!) furniture * “uncomfortable situations, which are necessary for more comfortable situations down the line” * waking up underneath a pile of kitties * conscious consuming * adele * remembering memories from exactly this week last year, the first date with my husband-to-be, how i had no idea st. patrick’s day would be my last day as a single girl…forever *¬†remembering to take those vitamins * creative sparks * the comfort of home * blue skies, i can feel you trying…but please, try harder! *



Springing forward,









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