The Cold War: No sun? Add fun!


Those little white star looking things in store for Sunday and Monday? SNOWFLAKES.

Summer is over in Portland.  Almost literally, I blinked and it was gone.  Which is kind of sad, because when I moved here last January it was the dead of winter and it seemed like it took forEVER for the rain to stop. Which is true (it stopped in late July). If it’s not raining, it’s dark and cold. All day every day, for like, 9 months out of the year. And Seasonal affective disorder? Also true. I didn’t notice at first, but I was sleeping my days away — every day after work and every weekend in the dark basement until Monday had arrived again (red flag much?!).  Now that I know I am invincible fighting a battle when it comes to the weather, I pay much closer attention to what makes me feel good. This is my current strategy for beating the winter blues!

She's crafty!

Start a project (or five).

I’m kind of glad summer is over (not really), because I would feel like a loser for wanting to stay in ALL THE TIME to work on crafts ‘n stuffs, especially if the sun was shining outside. Starting new projects has helped me stay focused on goals and whathaveyou, and it keeps a creative spark alive and well at my fingertips (so awesome I could scream!). Keepin’ it crafty also makes me…

Yarn Garden!

…Get out of the house!

Waking up when it’s DARK …and 40 degrees outside… before your feet hit the floor is a challenge (physically). Finding the motivation and energy to go out on a Friday night after an exhausting week is a challenge (mentally). I’ve come to accept that these challenges will not cease, but if I want to break out of a funk I’ve gotta channel my inner Nike and JUST DO IT (yeah, I said it). It’s true though! Whether it’s running to the Yarn Garden to re-up on supplies or stopping for a hot cup of tea around the corner, get off that ass and motivate! When I do leave the house, I make sure to…

Layer it up!

Bundle up!

Earmuffs over a beanie? Sure! Three scarves at a time? WHATEVER WORKS. I learned my lesson last year by sacrificing comfort for cute clothing and I R-E-F-U-S-E to be that naive again! When I lived in LA, stepping out of the house without a full face of makeup was *unfathomable*. Accepting the idea of makeup running down my face with the rain in less than 5 minutes is insanely liberating. Straightening my hair is no longer relevant. And I don’t care. When half of the community rocks trash bag parkas and puffy Northface jackets to shield themselves from the rain, it’s much easier to relinquish control over your own fashions because everyone else has already done it. Plus, the more I mismatch, the more “normal” I feel in my own skin. Which gives me a ton of liberty to…

Funky accessories!

Accessorize accordingly.

What’s better than the Easter Bunny? A snow bunny! Between Spirit Hoods and these super fun (warm too!) earmuff headphones, staying toasty doesn’t always have to include trash bag parkas and puffy Northface jackets [golf claps]. I look at it this way: nothing is going to stop the rain, the frigid cold or the appearance of an ominous sky. But the little things — be it a ball of yarn or a fuzzy cat hat — do help tremendously.



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One thought on “The Cold War: No sun? Add fun!

  1. Mom says:

    Very nice and glad to see you want to get moving. I am glad for your writing and sharing the ride with you.
    Love you, keep it up!

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