Small Victory Sunday

Being a perfectionist in every sense of the sick word, I often times find no greater joy than crossing items off a list. There doesn’t even have to be an actual list persay; even taking a mental inventory of completed tasks makes me feel satisfied. And when I’m finished, it feels like being rewarded with a little trophy for making the most of my day. (Whatever helps, right?!)

Cleaning is cathartic.  The idea for Small Victory Sunday came earlier this afternoon as I noticed the amount of  things I had accomplished around the house. While they were simple everyday chores like scrubbing sinks and sorting dry-cleaning, I relished in the fact that I had gotten so much done and that even though these accomplishments were not grand by any means, in sum they were something.

Inspiration comes from the very back of my brain, and as more things occupy that space, I feel further away from creative potential. When I sat down to write this, I reflected on how similar my mind felt to the corners in the house: Clean and ready for a fresh start. Clearing out the physical clutter had totally compartmentalized the mental debris that had been accumulating like a cobweb in my noggin.  

It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The house is spotless, my mind is clear. I feel ready for the coming week. And because of that, I found myself swimming in a wealth of inspiration that allowed these thoughts to pour effortlessly through my fingers — and that is the small victory worth celebrating.

The Perfect Day

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One thought on “Small Victory Sunday

  1. phelps.maggie@gmail,com says:

    Casey (for starters, you are absolutely weird enough to be cool, very cool indeed!)
    I love reading your little blogs and peeking into your brain and your mind and your heart. Keep it up sweet cakes!! love mama mags

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